The Live it Limitless Foundation was formed to create a support system for athletes with spinal cord injuries, to help them get the equipment they need to safely engage in the sports and recreation that they love.  Suffering a spinal cord injury can upend a person’s life, and make it difficult (or dangerous) for them to do many things…like participate in their favorite activities.  We want to provide for these athletes, so that they can continue to engage in their favorite sports and recreation in a safe & enjoyable manner – or maybe even discover new sports they had never tried before!

Safety equipment and other gear for sports can be expensive – that’s no secret, but the specialized, and sometimes personalized, equipment needed for athletes with spinal cord injuries can be out of reach for many, who don’t have the financial resources to continue to pursue the sporting and recreational activities that bring joy and a sense of accomplishment to their lives.

For example, say that you’re a downhill skier – the typical equipment, such as skis, boots, poles, etc. can be fairly expensive.  Then imagine that you no longer have use of your legs…now, if you want to pursue the sport you love, instead of a few hundred dollars for a set of skis, it’s thousands of dollars for a specialized mono-ski (or similar adaptive equipment) …not to mention potentially other safety equipment that might be needed.  The same can be true of virtually any sport – basketball, motorcycling, scuba diving, etc.  And naturally this is on top of additional health care costs associated with the spinal cord injury itself.

We don’t want athletes to have to give up on their sports and recreation when they have a spinal cord injury…if we can support them with access to the equipment they need to continue to pursue the happiness and fulfillment they get from engaging in their chosen activities, they can enjoy much better quality of life and continue to be included in those activities for greater social well-being too.

What we’re really doing here is investing in these athletes – and the return-on-investment is the joy they experience by engaging in their sports, the boost it gives them to participate and be included, and the improved outlook on their lives that comes with it.

Please join us in supporting these athletes – donations are the only income stream we have to help purchase equipment for them.  You can visit the Donate page here on the website, or attend the events that we host occasionally to raise funds for the foundation.  Any donation of any size is appreciated and valuable – together we can make dreams come true!

Our Mission

The Live it Limitless Foundation supports the dreams & aspirations of those with spinal cord injuries by raising awareness while providing resources & inspiration to live an active lifestyle.

Our Vision

The Live it Limitless Foundation is the lending hand to accessing adaptive sports and recreation.